Life & Limb 2: A collaboration brew by Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada

We’re happy to have received cases and kegs of Life & Limb 2 today!  The highly anticipated collaboration by Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) and Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) will be tapped as a part of Z Bar’s State College Brew Expo’s Brewers Reception on Friday, August 19th at 7pm.  750ml cork and cage bottles are also available for take-out a The Hopshop as well.  This brew wouldn’t last long so be sure to stop and get a taste this weekend!
Life & Limb is a 10% ABV strong beer that defies style characteristics-brewed with pure maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts and estate barley grown on the Grossman “farm” at the brewery in Chico. The beer is alive with yeast-a blend of both breweries’ house strains-bottle conditioned for added complexity and shelf life, and naturally carbonated with birch syrup fresh from Alaska; it is the first beer we know of ever to use birch syrup in the brew. If stored under good conditions, this rich, full-bodied beer should age well for years.
For more information about Life & Limb 2 check out Dogfish’s Blog at